Company Features

Balteau NDT is :
  • Over 70 years experience.
  • Over 14.000 X-ray units produced.
  • Products are distributed by Agents or Distributors all over the world.
  • Service centres for repairs and calibration with highly skilled engineers trained at Balteau.
  • Web based platform for data upgrades and services.
  • 12% of turnover invested in our Research and Development.
  • A customer-oriented organisation based on ISO 9001 quality assurance system.
  • A team at your service providing you complete installations fitting
  • your specific requirements including real time systems,
  • image processing and automatic defects analysis.
  • 4h00 from Paris, 5h00 from London.
  • Applications

    (Pictures available on request provided customer's agreement)

    • Aeronautic,
    • Car industries,
    • Shipyard,
    • Steel structure and manufactiring industries,
    • R&D laboratories,
    • Defence Equipment,
    • Nuclear Power Plants.
    • Electronics,
    • Museums,
    • Bio medical, food and drugs industries.
    • History

      • 1919 Creation of BALTEAU S.A.
      • 1936 Creation of non destructive testing ( NDT ) department.
      • 1958 First gas insulated 300 kV portable generator.
      • 1981 Introduction of the light weight portable generators type BALTOSPOT.
      • 1988 First delivery of the constant potential X-Ray generator type BALTOGRAPH CSD160.
      • 1994 First delivery of radioscopy designed image processing system IPS004.
      • 1995 Introduction of light weight constant potential generator type BALTOGRAPH CLD160.
      • 1996 Introduction of the constant potential X-Ray generator CSD225 and CSD450.
      • 1997 Introduction of the "new" light weight portable generator BALTOSPOT CERAM35.
      • 1998 Introduction of the "new" light weight portable generator BALTOSPOT CERAM235.
      • 1999 Introduction of the new Hand-X power control desk with the revolutionary patented remote control Hand-X.
      • 2001 New CF2000 and X-Com concepts.
      • 2002 Introduction of a broaden range of NDT products, including PT, MT, UT.
      • 2003 Factory move, new building.
      • 2005 New Product: XSD160 / XSD225.
      • 2008 LLX First new DCHF Constant potential Portable unit.


      Today, BALTEAU NDT S.A. is the world first supplier of portable X-Ray generators. More than 14.000 units are used world-wide . With its range of high power or light weight constant potential X-Ray generators, gaz insulated, BALTEAU NDT S.A. became a specialist in manual and automatic systems for radiography and radioscopy (RTR). Many different industrial insoection systems have been installed and are now used in a variety of fields : automobile, aeronautic, cables manufacturer, casting work, gaz bottles manufacturer, pipes manufacturer, shell dismantling ...

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