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Through our applicaiton sheets, see how your application can be managed by BALTEAU. You have other applications that you want us to document or find solution to ? Feel free in sending your request through email and we′ll be glad to answer your needs.

Aeronautic Industry

The aircraft industry is a much regulated sector requiring particular caution to the safety and reliability. This is why Balteau NDT wants to help by bringing its own expertise and know-how. From the complete home-made system to the simplest component, from research to development, from manufacturing to installation, we are the answer to your needs. Through our wide range of products and the different applications already realized, Balteau NDT acquired a large experience in the aircraft industry. Our knowledge is not limited to the x-ray generators manufacturing but includes also the design of complete standard and/or personalized turnkey systems adapted to your needs with up to 9 motorized axes that can be fully automated.

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Thanks to radiography and radioscopy, museums, restorers, expert can authenticate the piece of art, detect fraud, identify damages, identify the time of creation and the restorations done along the years. Radiography has been used by art professionnal for years in order to get various and precious information but the new equipment and technologies available are even more efficient and user friendly. The deepest and hidden secrets of art are now visible.

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Gas bottle

Balteau proposes 3 different systems able to perform X-ray inspection of welds of gas bottles and cylinders having some specifications such as manual or automatic loading/unloading, standard film or real time technique and so on.

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ash_gas bottle_en_r0.pdf

Seeds irradiation

Crossing two existing plants in order to create a new variety is a technique that exists for a very long time and that happens alone in the nature itself. In a laboratory, it takes about 10 years to obtain a new plant after the spotting of the genes. Thanks to the irradiation technique, this period of time is significantly reduced. The application consists of treating a plant seed or more specifically its protoplast with irradiation in order to destroy the chromosomes and artificially mix the genes already existing in genome.

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ash_seeds irradiation_en_r0.pdf

Shell dismantling

The goal of the identifi cation is to determine the type of shell and the state of its internal structure.
The knowledge of these two information are fundamental to choose the appropriate destroying procedure, especially when chemical products are suspected.

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ash_shell dismantling_en_r0.pdf

Stator testing

The air compressor is a major aircraft engine components. It is made of adjustable turbine blades (rotor) and stator. The weld of each rotor on the outer shell must be X-rayed to make sure it will not
detach and thus get sucked into the engine, which would destroy it immediately.

For more information, see the file(s) below:

ash_stator testing_en_r0.pdf

Welded Pipes

The PIPE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY has asked Balteau NDT to provide them with a solution for the pipe mills. The BALTOMATIC AIS224 for lower pipe wall thicknesses and the BALTOMATIC AIS225 for the thicker walls.

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