This page is about our complete range of products dedicated to NDT and XRay applications

Range of products

BALTEAU NDT S.A. is a leader in NDT field thanks to its large range of X-Ray generators. The whole range of products consist of : ( All Generators are produced in our facility in belgium )

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Balteau NDT Product Range

Full range of Balteau NDT products

A complete and targeted solution to fulfil the specific needs of many fields such as Energy, Oil & Gas, Aerospatial and Aeronautic, Automotive, Shipyards, Military, Bio-medical, Universities, Research Centres, Arts and Museum,...

The Balteau NDT offer includes:
-Portable X-ray Generators
-X-ray Generators for Crawlers
-Stationary and Mobile Generators
-Customized Systems
-Digital Radiography

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Portable generators

THE reference in Portable XRAy for years, our BALTOSPOT series is made up of Directionnal and Panoramic compact generators. Monobloc compact type, they are controlled by a Control unit which delivers the necessary power. All our units are Eco friendly, equipped with the state of the art technology and safety items to give you the most safe and reliable operations at all time.

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X-Ray generators for Crawlers

Embedded on a mechanical carrier, a crawler generator differs from a portable generator as the main power supply are batteries. They can also be used as standalone with dedicated adapter and used onshore for occasional operations. Built to sustain extremely harsh environment as in Pipelines business, these units can be used on many different chassis even customer′s designed.

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Mobile or Stationnary High power DCHF generators

Monopolar or Bipolar, these tubes are to be connected to stationnary units like XSD, XMD or XLD and provide long lasting operation for heavy load work. From 5kV to 450 kv, 0,1 to 40 mA, 0.2 to 5 mm dual filament, water cooled, R24 and R28 universal connector.

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Choosing the right tube is very important. Indeed it is one of the most important element of your equipment. Balteau is offering a large variety of tubeheads that can be recognized and connected to our generators but can also be installed on your own product. Two mains types are available monopolar and bipolar.

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Real time radiography (RTR) systems

Basically a BALTOMATIC is an enclosure in which any kind of our generators or detectors can be mounted. Shielding of enclosures and power supplies are all integrated according to the application to be fulfilled.
BALTEAU offers an extended range of products dedicated to the inspection of different kinds of Products. Automatic Inspection Systems (AIS) are existing for various industries; agriculture (seeds sorting, biology (cell irradiation), security, casting, foundry, training centers, ...

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Non Film & DigitalTechnology

Evolution in the field of Non film techniques is rapid and constant. BALTEAU is proposing a wide range of Non film detectors from Image Intensifiers, to Flat panels passing by Linear Diode Arrays. In this section you will find products and solutions related to Image capture and processing. All items described in this rubric can be implemented in our BALTOMATIC series.

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ACCESSORIES for Balteau products

All accessories for our X Ray generators

Specific accesories to satisfy your applications, on field or in fixed installations.
From the Universal stand to Beacon repeaters to help you in your daily job. If you do not find what you want in this section, please formulate your request through the mail form section in this Website.

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ACCESSORIES for industrial radiography

At Balteau NDT we do believe that simplifying and making the work of the operator is top priority. Balteau NDT has developed a new range of accessories dedicated to safety, measurement and quality improvement.

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Application Sheets

Through our applicaiton sheets, see how your application can be managed by BALTEAU.
You have other applications that you want us to document or find solution to ? Feel free in sending your request through email and we′ll be glad to answer your needs.

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