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Job application, how to...
Due to an important business development and growth anticipation, several vacant positions have been posted and are now open for applicants.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Language/Langues
  • La société est Anglophone à cause de ses marchés. Tous les postes sont ouverts aux francophones (requis) mais l′Anglais est souvent nécessaire voire requis quand mentionné explicitement pour tous les postes en contact avec l′extérieur.
  • Experience
  • Qualifications for a job may be obtained using a combination of different routes, whether academical or practical, when it is appropriately documented, it is always taken into account. We always value experience and are proposing to give the same in a long term employment.
  • Non discrimination
  • Our company policy is to respect gender, age and racial characteristics in such a way that none of the above mentionned should be an obstacle to applying or getting a position in our company when profiles and conditions to obtain it are met.
  • Training and companionship
  • Our technology is applied in a niche market and most of our professions are requiring more than academic strudies. Therefore we provide an environment where learning is standing alonsgide with work and vice versa. Most of our technologies and practices are unknown to the majority and we are eagerly training ′our′ future specialists with our existing passionated engineers, technicians, and skilled workers. All people having worked for us have given a serious kick to their knowledge andbecause it is a hard work, we always take the necessary steps to keep them motivated and onboard by an extensive companionship.
  • Documentation
  • Documentation to provide us alwayas include: detailed CV in PDF format, with: your full contact details with photo, academic/experience reference with contact details, an introduction letter explaining your motivation for the position. This has to be sent to JOB @ BALTEAU . COM

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    Job application, how to...
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